The Pastors

Dr. Prince Nwigwe; founder and senior Pastor of Fountain of Life Global Ministries, (FOLAH ministries) Canada/Italy, an Apostolic Center and Prophetic ministry. President of Folah Institute of Theology, a Satellite of North Carolina College of Theology. Trained first as an Architect with a doctor of architecture degree at the University of Architecture Venice – Italy, and a Doctor of Theology degree from North Carolina College of Theology USA. He has pioneered and established different churches and ministries in Italy, Canada and Nigeria. Has a great passion for the restoration of the five fold ministries into the body of Christ with particular emphasis on the role of apostles and prophet in the church. His mandate is to raise, equip, impact and release sons and daughters for the work of the kingdom and see the body of Christ mature to demonstrate the fullness of Christ's nature and ministry. His core values are the Word, complete Integrity and Honour.  A pastor to pastors and leaders. He is blessed with an amazing wife and minister Pastor Love and they have four children all actively serving the Lord.

Member/ Affiliation
IAM (International Association of ministries – Calgary Canada).
CCAL/ ICA (Canadian coalition of Apostolic Leaders / International coalition of Apostles – Canada/USA.)
CMM/MORNINGSTAR Ministries NC, USA : Partner
CCI net work with Dr Richard Hays, CCI Monterrey Mexico / Europe.
CAI (Coalizione Apostolica Italina ) Founding member & member of board counsel.

Dr Love Nwigwe was a trained chemist in Italy before being called into the ministry with her husband Dr Prince as ordained servants of God. She obtained her Bsc degree in Health and Wellness management from the Canadian University College and a Master’s degree in herbal and natural medicine. She also received her Doctor of Christian Counselling degree from North Carolina College of Theology USA. She ministered actively with her husband  in Italy for more than 12 years, pioneering and establishing different churches.Their ministry was dynamic and passionate in the restoration of the five fold ministries and in reaching out to ladies on the street (sex slave workers) with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They both founded the Fountain of Life Christian Center- Home of Restoration –Porto Potenza Picena, Ancona- Italy. Love is the president of  ”Shalom School of Ministry” and  FOLAH Institute of Theology Red Deer, Canada a satellite of North Carolina College of Theology.  She is a strong prophetic voice that transcends generations, a true worshiper and a creative conference speaker in Europe, Africa and North America.  She established a national women’s ministry “Daughters of the King of Kings” bringing women leaders and ministers together in Italy to empower them to take their proper position in ministry, family and the society.