Our Journey

In 2008, God spoke to Apostle Drs Prince & Love Nwigwe to move from Italy to Canada after about 15 years of active apostolic ministry, establishing different churches and street restoration ministries. After one year of ‘Upper Room’ ministry, the church began meeting at a church location in November, 2009. Our official commissioning was April 18, 2010. God has been doing wonderful and great things in our midst.

Fountain of Life “Apostolic House”, is a place of Restoration, Righteousness, Peace and Open Heavens! We invite you to come and discover it with us!


Why FOLAH ? (Fountain of Life Apostolic House)
Our primary focus is the kingdom of God and not a denomination. Our mission is to raise ‘sons and daughters’ to fully serve in the kingdom of God, in any capacity and location. God is restoring the Apostolic and Prophetic ministry with its gifting to his church, that will work in the fullness of the five fold ministries: Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists (Ephesians 2:19,20). Our true identity as children of God is that we are fully adopted sons and daughters of the Father. Because of the perfect life of Jesus, His righteousness is available to us through faith. As children of God, as we walk in his righteousness, our Father’s resources become our true inheritance.

We are affiliated with the International Association of Ministries (www.iamweb.ca), Canadian Coalition of Apostles CCA/ICA, Christian Community International (www.cci.org.mx), and the Fountain of Life Christian Center, Elim Church of Italy (www.chiese-elim-in-italia.it). We are also an active member of the Red Deer Ministerial Association.