Truth & Reconciliation

I bring you greetings in The Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on this day that our nation aims to heal from the wrongs of the past through acceptance of the truth and hopes for reconciliation.
The Indian Residential School system was created to isolate indigenous children from the influence of their own native culture and religion. The effect of this was illustrated in the experiences of Phyllis Webstad, from the Stswecem'c Xgat'tem First Nation, who had arrived at school on her first day dressed in a new orange shirt, which was taken from her. This act now a symbol of the stripping away of culture, freedom and self-esteem experienced by Indigenous children over generations.
Today we join our fellow Canadians to in public commemoration of the tragic and painful history and ongoing impacts of Indian Residential School. Today we honour the lost children and Survivors of residential schools, their families, and communities. These events were indeed a big stain on our national conscience.


I believe that as we embrace truth, acknowledge the damage that had resulted from these events, especially the inglorious role that the church played in these atrocities and adverse outcomes in the lived experiences of the surviving victims, their families and remember those who unfortunately died in the process and parents who forever lost their children, it calls for sober reflection. Through sober reflection based on truth, we can start healing, build trust, and achieve reconciliation. Peace (personal and communal) is important to achieve healing and lasting reconciliation. The Fountain of Life Apostolic House (FOLAH) Red Deer, Alberta sincerely empathizes with the victims of these atrocities and their families.
I pray that Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace, will bring peace that passes human understanding to your hearts. Jesus Christ invites you to come to Him with your travails and heavy burden and He will grant you, His peace.
May the Lord be with you

The Pastors and Elders of The Fountain of Life Apostolic House (FOLAH) Red Deer, Alberta